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Lock Folder XP

Lock Folder XP

Description | Screenshot | Comments (25) | Download

View screenshot of Lock Folder XP

Review team at Aug, 3 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
waheed_afridi at Jul, 21 2004 wrote:

hi i want to protect my folder without software do any one know pls maile me on

Vote: 10
Delta_L at Apr, 30 2004 wrote:

This is one of the suckiest progs i have ever seen/used . There is absolutely NO security if u copy the folder where the prog is installed to another OS/HDD , u simply have to install it again and you password is reset ! Good? NO GOOD ! ! ! sjeesj , can't they make anything usefull these days

Vote: 1
delta at Mar, 4 2004 wrote:

duhh ! if u boot in safe mode , drive is not locked anymore , then you can copy as many as you like :-/

Vote: 1
tomsurfer at Mar, 2 2004 wrote:

how to use it?
niravfaldu at Feb, 10 2004 wrote:

Another Brother Of Hide Folder,That caused To appear A Blue Screen in XP -Showing Serious Access Violation And Shut down My pc At least 10 times And eventually i had to uninstall the Hide Folder ,this the same thing , PPL please atleast it does not work with XP. NIRAVFALDU@YAHOO>COM

Vote: 10
cool_kath25 at Feb, 9 2004 wrote:

I have also used this program but I've locked my program files,,, now i can't use all my entire programs including antivirus, microsoft office etc... can somebody know how to unlock my program files... email me at

Vote: 3
bibudhesh at Jan, 30 2004 wrote:

very handy, should be free to download

Vote: 10
Mickeal at Dec, 12 2003 wrote:

I was evaluating Lock Folder XP and locked my Program Files on C Drive.. now my shortcut can't find the application to open it? Can someone help me? Email me please at

Vote: 10
wassim_nabil at Nov, 2 2003 wrote:

PLS help me, i downloaded this software and instead of locking my drives it disabled them. pls if any1 knows how to solve this problem then contact me on pls. pls. i really need ur help.
kulkarni at Oct, 28 2003 wrote:

Just sexy product(but should be available for free download)

Vote: 10
azeA at Oct, 28 2003 wrote:

there is no encryption... bad security ! but if you want just protect your pc from your small sister it's the best

Vote: 6
SachinIndia at Oct, 11 2003 wrote:

This Utility is one of the best utilities available on Net, it should be also available on 9x platform.

Vote: 10
alpine at Oct, 3 2003 wrote:

I wanted it to lock the folder and ask for a password, not to hide it. I did not choose the hide option. The folder is hidden anyway. I can't use it but it's extrememly easy to use and hide files, then retrieve from the program's main screen.

Vote: 8
don at Aug, 29 2003 wrote:

Lock my folder good but something went wrong. Even entering the correct password its saying runtime error. Now all my valuable pictures on that folder can't be accessed anymore.

Vote: 1
jazzmine at Aug, 22 2003 wrote:

I installed the software and locked my folder with all of the pics and videos of my girlfriend naked, and the hidden camera videos of my sister in the bathroom. Now i forgot the password & I have nothing to jerk off to! And I can't uninstall the program cause I get some funky error..sheeh

Vote: 5
mta00jtl at Aug, 21 2003 wrote:

Installed and managed to lock myself out of Program Files which means you can't access Lock Folder to unlock! Very frustrating! Great idea but should not allow users to lock critical system files. Not enough warning about this!

Vote: 5
Paul_982 at Aug, 19 2003 wrote:

That seems to have worked just fine. Also I appreciate the lightning-fast support.

Vote: 10
Paul_982 at Aug, 17 2003 wrote:

You have an excellent product, best $30 i ever spent on software.

Vote: 10
MarkD at Aug, 17 2003 wrote:

I have downloaded Lock Folder XP and am evaluating it. It seems to work great and my plans are to purchase it

Vote: 10
MarkD at Aug, 17 2003 wrote:

you guys have a great program (specially that fact you can hide files from users and the computer can still access it )

Vote: 10
JKline at Jul, 30 2003 wrote:

Does this program enable you to lock OutLook Express folders? John Kline M Co., 423rd Infantry Regiment WWII Past-President '97-'98 Editor, The CUB magazine since 1987 Membership Chairman 106th Inf Div Association 11 Harold Drive Burnsville, MN 55337-2786 Phone: 952-890-3155 Email: Home Page: Personal War Diary:

Vote: 10
cportillo at Jul, 21 2003 wrote:

While evaluating "Lock Folder XP 3.1" I locked the "C:\" drive thinking the program will ask for the password everytime I would want to access the "C:\" drive. Instead it lock the whole drive and disabled all my programs and now I cannot access my system at all. I e-mailed tech support and hopefully they will tell me what to do. If you are evaluating this program, DO NOT lock the C:\ drive.

Vote: 1
Paul_982 at Jul, 16 2003 wrote:

i think Lock Folders XP is great but does not offer

Vote: 10
kila at Apr, 27 2003 wrote:

Very reliable and quality program

Vote: 10

Download Lock Folder XP Now Download Lock Folder XP

Buy Lock Folder XP Buy Lock Folder XP Now

Passware Kit Passware Kit
Easy to use password recovery software pack.

Passware Kit Enterprise Passware Kit Enterprise
Passware Kit Enterprise is the all-in-one password recovery software pack for almost all types of passwords you can think of. It supports all popular business applications.

Password Protect Folder Guard Password Protect Folder Guard
Powerful security and access control utility for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/x64 that lets you hide or password-protect files and folders, as well as restrict access to other resources.

Cloak Cloak
Protect and secure your personal information.

Download Lock Folder XP Now Download Lock Folder XP

Version: 3.4
Released: Aug, 18 2004
License: Shareware, $24.95
Expires: Expires after 30 Days

File size: 1,243 K
Platforms: Windows XP/NT/2000
Downloads: 11313

Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders and drives with your personal password. The program uses advanced encryption algorithm approved by the US Government. Protect your files from hackers, viruses and mischief.


Lock Folder XP page at FreewareSeek

Developer: everstrike

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