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FaxTalk Messenger Pro

FaxTalk Messenger Pro

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meadi8r at Aug, 29 2005 wrote:

FaxTalk Messenger Pro works well for me. But I haven't yet found out how to run it under a virtual machine (Workstation 4), because I haven't learned how to get the VM to recognize the Com Port and Modem.
pvfitzer at Nov, 3 2004 wrote:

Igot it to work great on windows xp sp2 with distinctive ring working on my modem blaster v92 di5633 modem configuration on my chipset was dron;drof you have to go into hperterminal to see this code.

Vote: 10
jocularric at Feb, 17 2004 wrote:

A lite version of this program came bundled with my modem blaster. I haven't been able to get it to work on my XP system either. Like pressorv said:

Vote: 1
pressorv at Dec, 14 2003 wrote:

Faxtalk is worthless. Does not work with XP pro -switching users locks modem & it grabs the phone line. I asked for a refund from faxtalk, they toll me it was my problem.

Vote: 1
kenallen at Aug, 9 2003 wrote:

From; I have a Netodragon moden withFaxTalk cd rom. When I start tje cd I get a window

Vote: 10
nazi at Apr, 16 2003 wrote:

Thanks alot for this program

Vote: 10

Download FaxTalk Messenger Pro Now Download FaxTalk Messenger Pro

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Download FaxTalk Messenger Pro Now Download FaxTalk Messenger Pro

Version: 8
Released: Feb, 1 2016
License: Demo, $89.95
Expires: Expires after 15 Days

File size: 15,235 K
Platforms: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Downloads: 1371

Easy to use answering machine software and fax software for Windows. FaxTalk Messenger Pro provides powerful answering machine and send and receive fax capabilities to manage your voice and fax communications quickly, efficiently and reliably.


FaxTalk Messenger Pro page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Thought Communications

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