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Restorer Ultimate

Restorer Ultimate

Description | Screenshot | Comments (34) | Download

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Review team at Aug, 31 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
fabio89italy at Dec, 22 2009 wrote:

hi, i have bought restore ultimate normal version...but i cant restore file over 128 kb...please help sais that in the demo you cannot restore file over 128..but now i have bought it and...nothing! please help!!!
Ibk at Feb, 25 2009 wrote:

They're bandits. I couldn't find a receipt to reconcile my company credit card with, so I e-mailed them to ask for a copy of the receipt. They immediately responded that my credit card payment didn't go through, despite my credit card statement showing otherwise. I then e-mailed me my order number and, despite repeatedly e-mailing them pleading them to provide me with a receipt, they've failed to respond.

Vote: 1
honga at Dec, 7 2004 wrote:

hi, I've bought the software and got the serial number, where to download the full version? i went to the site but i dont know where to go to download? please help

Vote: 10
support at Aug, 4 2004 wrote:

With Restorer2000 DEMO you are able to recover files which size is less than 64Kb and review larger files in the viewer. With full version you are able to recover files without size limitation. Particularly with Demo you see the file structure exactly as you do with full version.

Vote: 10
john2510 at May, 25 2004 wrote:

Sucks. Not shareware - cripple ware. Shows you what you CAN restore (if you pay enought). Even after buying their product... I had to UPGRADE to restore my files!!! I hate companies like this.

Vote: 1
ivan222 at Mar, 21 2004 wrote:

I have DEMO but i can't restorer another important file( 64Kb), can you help I loose over 30GB of files and I can't buy it. Please help me.

Vote: 10
lmiller1580 at Mar, 20 2004 wrote:

Can anyone tell me if ithis software can restore music files that have been deleted (thought I saved them to a CD but discovered CD blank). Since the files have been deleted I have also done a disk defrag and disk clean up. Is it too late to resotre these files.
giorgioros at Feb, 18 2004 wrote:


Vote: 10
crys at Feb, 6 2004 wrote:


Vote: 10
blue_devil at Feb, 5 2004 wrote:

i use this software but i can't restored my file ... it say limit 64 kb unregitered software. can any one tell me how i can restrored my zip files above 1 Gb via this sofware (i use demo)

Vote: 10
krauthammer at Jan, 31 2004 wrote:

Pls help! During an O/S uprade to XP, I accidentally deleted the partition on an external hard drive. Now, my PC can't recognize the drive (no drive letter). Can I recover the partition with this s/w?

Vote: 10
carrelli at Jan, 28 2004 wrote:

can I restore my data and folders after chkdsk?

Vote: 10
kmart at Jan, 27 2004 wrote:

I hope this is as good as you claim

Vote: 10
topesto at Jan, 14 2004 wrote:

I can't buy it on bitmart website:-((( Do you know of any other source where it can be purchased?
8088 at Jan, 5 2004 wrote:

So, how do you buy it?

Vote: 10
bobo at Dec, 25 2003 wrote:

Don't forget to save your purchase order number. You might not get a serial number emailed to you and the software doesn't intall without it.

Vote: 5
support at Dec, 9 2003 wrote:

Restorer2000 Free DEMO allows you to create an image file of the logical disk with the found files. You can write the image file to another logical disk. This image can later be processed by a Pro version of Restorer2000 the same way as the original logical disk, and those files can be restored. Never write the image file on the same logical disk where the deleted files are located. Otherwise you may overwrite your data on that disk.

Vote: 10
wearmg at Nov, 27 2003 wrote:

Thank you bitMart!. I had an IBM ThinkPad with a 40GB hard drive that started making a very loud noise. After a reboot I received the message that 'No Operating System' was found. After further investigation it looked like the MFT was corrupted. I tried using NTFS4DOS to pull data off, but could not get into most of the directories because of the corruption. CHKDSK would not run to completion and I could not access the file system data from windows when I added the drive to another laptop. When I tried the demo I was able to scan the drive (about 4 hours) and then successfully restore some of the small word documents from the drive. I purchased the Pro version & was able to recover all of my needed data (about 10GB). My only complaint with this software is that after installing the Pro version I had to rescan the drive (another 4 hours of waiting) before I could start restoring the files. It would be nice if there was a way to save the scan information from the demo and open it back up in the Pro version. Maybe in the next release? -Matt

Vote: 10
Godewind at Nov, 21 2003 wrote:

Super, after a false handling of GHOST, I was able to recover the lost data on the drive, where other Software found nothing, since the FAT had been overwriten. BRAVO

Vote: 10
gser at Nov, 12 2003 wrote:

Hi, help! I have downoaded (and baught!) the pro version of R2K... Infortunalty when I restart my computer to use R2K, an automatic background task recreate on my D: partition (the one that I will recover) a 'My document' folder. I understand that it is very dramatic ! Now R2K, say me ... all his OK with just one folder. Every one can help me to retrieve my old files over the new structure.... (an R2K option that I ignore, or an other tools) my D: partition represent my all personal data .... I don't have any recent backup (Sorry for my bad english Thanks in advance My e-mail is if your response in not adapted for this forum

Vote: 10
gser at Nov, 12 2003 wrote:

Hi! Is the limited version (29,99 $) suffisant to unformat an NTFS (after a fast format NTFS)Partition (originally FAT32) Thanks

Vote: 10
ass at Oct, 18 2003 wrote:

Ass bustin' good.

Vote: 10
lpu at Sep, 30 2003 wrote:

it' good

Vote: 10
smh at Sep, 7 2003 wrote:

i need a copy of recover data pleas send for me

Vote: 10
somont at Sep, 4 2003 wrote:

Ok, hoof 'n mouth. The 29.99 price is legitimate for a limited version. The real Kahuna is Pro @ 49.99
somont at Sep, 4 2003 wrote:

The listed price (29.99) here and elsewhere is a come on, the actual price is 49.99USD
yaltabei at Aug, 29 2003 wrote:

Won't help if demo version. Be ware.

Vote: 10
support at Aug, 12 2003 wrote:

You can immediately download Restorer2000 after payment via the BitMart Web-store

Vote: 10
st_mads at Jul, 26 2003 wrote:

where can we download a copy of the professional version..? tnx

Vote: 10
support at Jun, 10 2003 wrote:

Thanks. The name of the file has been changed to r2k_demo.exe. You may download a program from this page.

Vote: 10
linus at May, 23 2003 wrote:

Change the filename to ..dem.exe. That is add the exe extention and it installs nicely
glenn at May, 21 2003 wrote:

impossible to open or extract

Vote: 1
nkmabou at Apr, 12 2003 wrote:

v good

Vote: 10

Download Restorer Ultimate Now Download Restorer Ultimate

EF Commander Free EF Commander Free
EF Commander Free for Windows is a file manager for the Windows desktop. If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander, you'll like this dual-windowed program.

Acronis Disk Director Suite Acronis Disk Director Suite
Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 is the only comprehensive partition and disk management suite that can help you manage partitions, recover accidentally lost or deleted partitions, install multiple operating systems on your computer and even more.

Virtual Drive Creator Virtual Drive Creator
Create Virtual Drives from long paths, it's easy! Browse to the full path, choose a drive letter and Click [Add Virtual Drive]. Make CD-ROMs obsolete, copy the contents of the CD-ROM to your Hard Drive and run the CD from there.

Download Restorer Ultimate Now Download Restorer Ultimate

Version: 5.0
Released: May, 19 2009
License: Shareware, $29.99
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 6,400 K
Platforms: Windows Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Downloads: 31873

Restorer Ultimate represents a new generation of data recovery software to replace the well-known, award-winning Restorer2000. It’s a reliable "do-it-yourself" file recovery solution that turns any computer into a powerful data recovery workstation.


Restorer Ultimate page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Data Recovery. Hard Drive Recovery Software

Data Recovery. Hard Drive Recovery Software page at FreewareSeek

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