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Cloak Cloak
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Description | Screenshot | Comments (22) | Download

View screenshot of Cloak

terrystone at Apr, 23 2005 wrote:

A collection of basic encryption tools patched together in an orange interface. This is yet another example of amazingly overhyped shareware. For example, on one major shareware sites Cloak has over 1 million downloads according to the counter, and guess what, not one review. Not one! Whoever is downloading this software isn't using it.

Vote: 3
1_YummyYum_1 at Feb, 20 2005 wrote:

It worked fine for me and it allowed me to try it without buying a license. Did you click the try button?

Vote: 10
NotADreamyTime at Feb, 19 2005 wrote:

Stupid stuff - I installed the software to check it out before buying it. I was unable to run it, asked me to buy license....

Vote: 1
OxxxO at Feb, 18 2005 wrote:

Just spam negative comments about his software then he will stop. I know who aliocha877 is and what software he developed.
GrowUp at Feb, 18 2005 wrote:

aliocha877 Grow up!!! It is obvious you are the same person posting negative reviews.

Vote: 10
aliocha877 at Feb, 18 2005 wrote:

don't pay attention to all those reviews, the soft is a piece of s... even the install program is buggy

Vote: 2
OxxxO at Feb, 18 2005 wrote:

I do not pay attention to reviews here; they are either from the developer or other developers with competing products. I give it an 8/10.

Vote: 8
last_cowboy at Feb, 18 2005 wrote:

I did not download but I bought this at Fry's Electronics. It was worth the money.

Vote: 10
NOTIP at Feb, 18 2005 wrote:

LOL. All these 9 or 10 from the same IP are quite funny

Vote: 2
tomtom75 at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

Good program 9/10

Vote: 10
lovehate at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

Jackass8 you seem to be the one with the fake reviews. Funny how all of the people with the negative comments all posted a 1. And why do they all have the same IP.

Vote: 9
Jackass8 at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

faked reviews, bad program

Vote: 1
billybill at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

LOL..people have nothing better to do than to trash good software. Cloak has been around for years.

Vote: 10
EliteHaxor at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

This site needs better security. ganja878, paula45. and virgo is the same person reviewing more than once. I just checked and they all have the same IP. I sent an e-mail over to the admin of this site. He or she must have software listed. Cloak is a good piece of software. I just did a search on Google. Tucows gave it 4/5, Softpedia gave it 5/5, CNet gave it 5/5, Shureup gave it 5/5. The list is too long, but I did not see Cloak get lower than a 4.

Vote: 10
ganja878 at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

one of the worst download i ever saw, pass your way!

Vote: 1
Ellis at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

This caught my eye because it works with outlook, I do not need the other features. I must say the way it makes emails look blank is amazing! I sent a test email to myself with a paragraph of text, but when I received the email it looked like a blank message. But when I opened the email in Cloak I was able to see all of the text. This reminds me of something out of James Bond movie.

Vote: 10
SiliconKing at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

Do people actually try the software before giving it a review or do they just read the description and give review off of that? I look for 3 things when I try software: 1 ease of use - 2 stability - 3 price. Cloak is very easy to use and it guides you step by step. I ran it with no problems so it is very stable, and $49.95 for all the features is not bad considering its rival Stegnos Security Suite cost 59.95, and Stegnos does not have e-mail protection.

Vote: 10
justme1 at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

I saw a review on this not to long ago in a magazine and they gave it four and a half stars out of five. I just tried the new version and I disagree with the negative comments. I know a lot about encryption software and this is far from basic. The Stego feature is one of the best I have seen. Most software that does stego attach the file at the end of the image, this program hides the file within random pixels of the image. The encryption is also solid and the encrypting process was fast. The file shredding was also was fast. I wonТt give it a perfect 10 but ill give it a 9. It surely does not deserve a 1!!!

Vote: 9
paula45 at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

hello exceptional, all these features are very basic ones. the soft is very poor and over priced

Vote: 1
exceptional at Feb, 17 2005 wrote:

I download the software and tried it, and I was very impressed with the features. It is very easy to use and I had no problems getting it to work. My favorite feature is the ability to hide files in digital images. I also like the fact I can send e-mails to friends at work and they canТt be read by anyone else. I would suggest trying it out.

Vote: 10
virgo at Feb, 16 2005 wrote:


Vote: 1
NYC_LAWYER at Feb, 14 2005 wrote:

This is a great security product; I bought one copy for home and work.

Vote: 10

Download Cloak Now Download Cloak

Lock Folder XP Lock Folder XP
Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders and drives with your personal password. The program uses advanced encryption algorithm approved by the US Government. Protect your files from hackers, viruses and mischief.

Passware Kit Passware Kit
Easy to use password recovery software pack.

Passware Kit Enterprise Passware Kit Enterprise
Passware Kit Enterprise is the all-in-one password recovery software pack for almost all types of passwords you can think of. It supports all popular business applications.

Download Cloak Now Download Cloak

Version: 8.0
Released: Dec, 1 2004
License: Shareware, $49.95
Expires: Expires after 10 Uses

File size: 7,661 K
Platforms: Windows XP/2000
Downloads: 1511

Protect and secure your personal information.


Cloak page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Insight Concepts

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